Flex XC 3401 VRG Dual Action Orbital Polisher - FREE Upgrade

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The Flex XC 3401 VRG Dual Action Polisher does it all!

Removes swirls. scratches and oxidation quickly

Cleans and polishes paint to a brilliant shine

Applies wax and paint sealant evenly

Free Upgrade!

Free Upgrade

For a limited time get a FREE upgrade to the Red Beast Special Edition Polisher!

The FLEX XC 3401 Dual Action Polisher combines an orbital motion with forced-rotation for the perfect shine!

The FLEX XC 3401 Orbital Polisher is a true forced-rotation dual action polisher! What that means is this polisher not only orbits but it also rotates too, at the same time. This dual action gives the Flex XC3401 superior paint correction ability. The FLEX XC3401 quickly removes swirls, scratches, oxidation and other paint defects that canít be removed by other dual action polishers.

This polisher is not limited to paint correction, in fact it's extremely versatile. The orbital motion of the FLEX XC 3401 Polisher makes it ideal for polishing and waxing too! This orbital polishing action is what makes the Flex XC3401 a safe polisher to use and very effective.

Flex XC 3401 Technical Specifications:

Speed without load 160-480 rpm
Backing Plate: 5.5 inches
Orbit (stroke length) 8 mm or 0.31 inches
Orbit rate, without load 3200-9600 opm
Power input 900 Watt
Power output 590 Watt
Weight 2.60 kg or 5.73 lbs.

1 year warranty

Made in Germany.

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By Lawson
Flex 3401
November 30, 2021
Man I love this thing. Coming from a Griotís garage 6Ē orbital then a Griotís G9 DA polisher ethos thing tops Ďem both. Itís super comfortable and comes with a long soft cord. The cords didnít need to be broken in and just rests nicely on my shoulder. This polisher (with the right pad/compound) makes polishing effortless. I think this will be my last corded polisher in the bag. Now time to save up for the cordless mini Flex polisher. Iím sold on their products and Autopia is deft one of my top 3 stores to buy from. Huge selection and stock on hand.
Maneuverability Great Weight Easy to control A little pricy
By Garrick
Plain City, OH
It's true...this thing is a beast
January 4, 2019
No comparison to my old PC 7424, much more effective. However, you must respect the machine's torque and forced rotation...it's possible to burn edges/corners if you don't pay attention, even with fairly mild compounds and conservative foam pads.
Has enough power to do what you want it to. None really. You just need to respect it.
By James D.
Wash dc
Good product
July 15, 2018
Did everything it was supposed to do.
By Jason
springfield, VA
Beast D/A polisher
October 9, 2017
The 3401 has been out for a while and is no surprise it is a powerhouse dual action polisher. Very reliable not very smooth and will give your arms/wrist a workout. Will definately get the job done whatever you are trying to accomplish and will be safer than a rotary polisher at the same time.
NE Ohio
First Dance with The Beast
January 22, 2017
Umm, "wow" pretty much sums it up.

Kinda went into a polisher buying frenzy during the holiday sales last month. Have been using GG6 for last year but wanted to try something new so snatched up a LHR15 Mark 2, Rupes LHR75 Mini.

Still had some $$ left over so figured I see what all the hullabaloo was about the Flex so ordered up one of those too kinda as an afterthought after the big holiday sales were over. So I thought, anyway; of course the week after I click 'Buy' they have a sale...doh! Eh, such is life, or at least my life anyway.

Regardless, with living in NE Ohio the 'garage' season is over so the only place I have to play is at work w/ the fleet of service vans that have likely received no attention aside from occasional tunnel washes...but it seemed like a excellent place to start with the Flex, ya know kinda that whole 'production' detailing environment thing.

Grabbed a couple of sets of LC Force Hybrid pads, 6 each of 6.5" gray & orange as well as 6 each of the 5.5" gray, orange and white and the smaller Flex backing plate (4 3/8").

Picked out a fine 2008 Ford E250 outta the fleet, 151K hard miles on it. Paint is totally beat, oxidized a bit, dull, scratched, swirled, water spots...you name it. Had previously worked a similar condition truck last month with the GG6, D300 and micro cutting discs. Would take a set or two of 6-8 passes to get it looking nice enough to move to polish step, with nice being a relative term given paint condition. Twas' a bit of work for sure.

So yesterday I get the chance to haul out the Flex, slap on a 5.5" grey cutting pad and give it a go with a small bottle of M105, which I had never used before either and was curious about as it seems such a popular choice. Had read all the various methodologies regarding M105, from the KB method thru various posts regarding the best way to use it without it being difficult (Prime, mist with water and such). Musta missed something in translation as first section that stuff was stuck like glue to the paint. Fortunately it was a smaller bottle of M105 which made it easier to hit the garbage can with it; homey ain't got time for that nonsense!

Grabbed another gray pad, slathered on some M101, speed 5.5, medium pressure and 4 passes later had the same results as the GG6/D300/Microfiber combo, that is, perfectly delightful considering the paint condition I was working with. Wow, that was certainly easy...well with respect to the GG6 combo anyway. Followed up with M205 w a white pad but, quite frankly, the M205 didn't improve all that much as far as gloss/clarity goes. The M101/Gray combo finished remarkably well...and with surprisingly little effort.

Items of note, to me anyway:

1. The 3401 is kinda like a GG6 that has been gulping steroids and spending lotsa time at the gym. Calling it 'The Beast' is pretty much spot-on.

2. Recessed body line, smaller area, weird contours? No worries...just tip it up on edge with that nice, thick Force pad and just keep on chugging with that pad happily spinning away without so much as a care in the world, making those defects run away and hide in short order. Amazingly easy.

3. Counter rotating pad? To tell ya the truth, if I wouldn't have known before hand i probably wouldn't have even noticed. Non issue for me.

4. Ease of operation? Love the progressive trigger, can spread on slow and move right up to speed without needing to adjust speed dial. Not sure on the weight but the longer handle made it easier for me to maneuver than the GG6, seemed able to stick it more easily into more areas. As for vibration it can seem a bit rougher than the GG6 at times but I snagged a pair of Mad Grip Impact Gloves a tech had in his van and that seemed to make it at least 50% less more pleasurable to use, if not more. Maybe I'll grab some of the GG Gloves on this weekends sale...it certainly makes a big difference for me.

Will have to check but maybe the speed selection dial is the opposite of the GG6 as without thinking about it I always seemed to move it the wrong direction when changing speeds.

I can certainly see why this is a good choice for not only production work but delicate jobs as well. Technique and attention to detail will certainly need to be adjusted when doing final polishing work but if you gotta compound and bust up some severe defects in short order, this thing will handle your business quickly.

While a Rupes will dance those defects away, the 3401 is gonna bust down the door and stomp 'em into submission quickly before exiting with a knowing smirk on it's face.

Can think of a few jobs last year where a Flex woulda saved a significant amount of time, in some cases likely 30 to 40% in the compounding step. It's gonna be a bit more taxing on these old bones but I think a lot of that can be minimized with further use/experience, body positioning and movement.

Got a little interesting when trying to extend my reach without moving my lazy butt (like when sitting on ground doing lower/rocker panels and such) but that's not machines fault...it's just telling you "Hey, we got work to do so quit messing around and get yourself over here so we can get outta here ya slacker!!"

Was kinda on the fence with this purchase, thinking maybe it was kinda redundant with the GG6, Rupes 15 and Rupes Mini but pretty sure this will have a very worthwhile seat at the 'efficiency table'. For once the little voices in my head that were casting doubt regarding a somewhat redundant purchase were WRONG. Dead wrong. This thing is a cold blooded defect killer. Can't wait to try it on some less abused vehicles with some other pads/combos and see how nice I can get it to finish out.

Also a lot easier to clean pad on fly with this constant rotation.


I did change plates and give the 6.5" pads a try too. Interesting...very interesting. Best be paying close attention unless you want the machine to take you on a quick trip to wherever IT wants to go.
Quick and effective
By Ian
Great polisher
January 21, 2017
The video that comes with it provides a novice like myself strong instruction . Pbmg provide great products and support for all .
By David L.
Abilene, TX
Makes my life easier
December 7, 2016
Saw the Flex 3401 being used by many product reps at the SEMA show, who were demonstrating other products (pads and polishes). I asked them how they liked the Flex and they all said they loved it, so I decided to buy when I got home from the show. Autopia came up with a great deal on one (20% off), and now I know what those reps meant. High quality tool that eases and minimizes my work load.
Forced dual action by the gearing. Quiet operation.
By Chris
Seattle, WA
The Beast Polisher
January 23, 2016
If you do a lot of correction jobs or cars with newer, scratch resistant clear coats, this is the polisher for you!

While I use my Rupes 21/15 for 80% of my work, there are times when I need the forced rotation of the Flex 3401.

It does walk on you if you don't exercise good technique or if your polish or compound dries on you.

I would not recommend this as your only polisher but more of a specialized tool for bigger correction or harder clear coats.
Forced rotation is great for harder clear coats Lots of power for big correction jobs Built to last - a real professional's tool
By Justin
Cleveland Heights, OH
My Go-To Polisher
February 3, 2015
I own a PC, Rupes 21 & 15, and a Flex 3401, and the Flex is used 95% of the time compared to the others listed bofore.
It corrects much faster than the PC, and does not stall on curved panels like the Rupes twins do. Therefore, it sees most of the action by far. In other words, it is a reliable workhorse that will not fail to deliver. Buy the LC Changable BP System with the Flex. That way, you can use the 5" LC Hybrid pads that are the "Bee's knees" when used with the Flex.
Correction power Pad never stops spinning, even on curved panels Reliability Very ergonomic Light weight Nothing
By Ray
Stuart FL
Use the FORCE
September 4, 2014
Love the forced rotation. Pad never stops rotating. Helps me remove defects faster and much easier on curved panels and harder clearcoats.
Forced Rotation Nothing
By The C.
Just flat out Awesome
July 24, 2011
I love this DA!!! Has to be the best DA on the market. Has plenty of power but yet is still gentle enough not to burn through paint. I have used this thing for thousands of hours. Truely a great product highly recommend and I put my reputation on that.