Griot's Garage® The BOSS™ Hybrid Micro Polisher

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  • The Griot's Garage BOSS Hybrid Micro Polisher side profile.
  • The Griot's Garage BOSS Hybrid Micro Polisher side profile with polisher head flexed.
  • Closeup of the Griot's Garage BOSS Hybrid Micro Polisher digital LED display
  • Full Griot's Garage BOSS Hybrid Micro Polisher kit with everything included.
  • Using the Griot's Garage BOSS Hybrid Micro Polisher to polish the A-pillar on a modern sports car.
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The BOSSHybrid Micro Polisher redefines how you polish. This state-of-the-art polisher is explicitly designed for reaching into tight, difficult-to-reach spaces. The compact form factor and cordless technology allow you to easily work through tighter areas. The BOSS Hybrid Micro Polisher isn't limited by battery power either. The optional 12v direct power inverter will allow you to use direct power input if needed. Regardless of the power input you choose, the BOSS Hybrid Micro Polisher uses a variable speed trigger to deliver an impressive amount of power for its size. The BOSS Hybrid Micro Polisher features a wide powerband ranging from 2000-5800 RPM.

Sometimes having a small polisher isn't enough when considering the complex nature of modern sports cars and motorcycles. To truly innovate a solution to these needs, the BOSS Hybrid Micro Polisher was engineered with a pivoting polisher head to expand its versatility and reach. The BOSS Hybrid Micro Polisher head adjusts to four positions to polish previously unreachable areas within complex body panels. The BOSS Hybrid Micro Polisher includes three backing plate options ranging from 1 - 3 inches, and a 13mm orbital and rotary drive.

The innovation of the BOSS Hybrid Micro Polisher doesn't stop there. The radical design goes beyond polishing with its digital control center. Monitor your mileage during each session with a resettable job timer, track your overall machine use with an hour meter, and easily adjust speeds with its crisp LED display.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid power with 12V Lithium-Ion battery, and optional 12v hybrid inverter for plug-in power.
  • Digital LED display shows hour meter, job timer, and speed settings.
  • Fast-connect drive assemblies, including 13mm orbital and rotary drive types.
  • Polisher head pivots to four positions to improve access to compact spaces.
  • Variable speed trigger throttle features a wide power band from 2000-5800 RPM.

Additional Product Details:

  • Powerful 10-amp brushless motor
  • Fast-change drive system
  • 13mm orbital drive and rotary drive
  • Compatible with 1", 2", and 3" pad systems and rotary drives (1" and 2" systems only)
  • 12V 2.5 Ah - 30 Wh Lithium-Ion Battery with LED fuel gauge
  • 12V/20V Lithium-Ion Smart Charger with LED Screen
  • Hybrid Power with battery (included), 12V power inverter (optional)
  • Pivoting head 15°, 30&, 45°, and 90° angles
  • Digital control center
  • Fully variable speed trigger throttle with trigger lock
  • Ergonomic body with double-shot rubber
  • Overload circuitry
  • Inverted rest pads
  • Includes 1", 2", 3" Micro Backing Plates
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