Pinnacle Black Label Ceramic MATTE Coating - 50 ml.

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FLAT out protection!

Pinnacle Black label Ceramic Matte Coating is a true ceramic coating designed to protect and enhance the unique surface of matte paint. Without altering the slightly textured surface of matte, Pinnacle Black label Ceramic Matte Coating leaves a durable layer of protection to ward off environmental hazards that can damage this sensitive surface. Most importantly, this is done without adding gloss and leaves the surface looking good as new.

MATTE SURFACE SAFE! Safe for use on virtually all matte surfaces!
The formulation of Pinnacle Black label Ceramic Matte Coating is perfect for more than just matte paints; it actually covers a vast majority of all matte surfaces! Pinnacle Black label Ceramic Matte Coating provides a durable option for protection on matte wheel, decals, vinyl wraps and more!

NO FILL FORMULATION! Will not alter or harm the delicate matte surfaces
The flat look of matte paint is achieved by creating a slightly textured surface that will not reflect gloss. This is the exact reason standard protectants will not work. Products designed for clear coated vehicles will fill in and attempt to level the surface for optimal gloss, and that won't look good for a matte paint! Pinnacle Black label Ceramic Matte Coating caters to the surface and will not alter the texture that provides that glorious matte look!

PROTECTS! Matte surfaces deserve protection just like standard paints!
While matte paint protection is not very common, it is still well deserved. The sensitive matte finish is just a susceptible to damage from contamination such as waters spot, UV damage, and other environmental hazards. Pinnacle Black label Ceramic Matte Coating provides you with durable protection to keep your matte finish looking its best!


  • Use on a cool surface, out of direct sunlight.
  • Using a dedicated matte cleaner, clean the surface to be coated to remove any dirt, dust and other debris.
  • Prepare the surface for the coating with Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Surface Prep Spray.
  • Working on 2 x 2 square foot panel at a time, apply 5-7 drops of Pinnacle Black Label Ceramic Matte Coating onto a foam coating applicator.
  • Wipe onto the surface using overlapping strokes for even coverage.
  • Allow to sit for approximately 1 minute before wiping away with a clean microfiber towel.
  • Allow approximately 24 hours of curing time before exposing freshly coated surfaces to moisture.

50 ml.

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