Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Ceramic Coating PRO - 50 ml.

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Create a diamond hard detailed finish!

Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Ceramic Coating PRO leaves more than just a diamond gloss on your paint, it leaves an incredibly durable layer of 9H protection as well! Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Ceramic Coating PRO packs a lifespan of up to four years along with its impeccable gloss and water sheeting capabilities. The diamond hard 9H protection shields against the ill effects of chemical staining, UV damage, oxidation, and more!

DURABLE! The durable 9H rated protection last more than just a few months.
By creating a diamond hard surface, Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Ceramic Coating PRO leaves a durable layer of protection that last for up to four years. Aside from longevity, this physical layer of nano-ceramics shields you from environmental hazards that would damage exposed paint.

HYPNOTIC GLOSS! Creates a gloss so mesmerizing, you'll need to pull yourself back out of it.
You won't forgo gloss for protection with Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Ceramic Coating PRO. The deep, glassy gloss may seem like science fiction, but it's pure Pinnacle engineering.

INTENSE HYDROPHOBICS! Leaves a high surface tension that produces unmatched water activity.
Water beading may look cool, but it still allows the water to rest on the surface. Thus, increasing the risk of water spotting. Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Ceramic Coating PRO produces a surface tension level so high; water just sheets off!


  • Work on a cool surface, out of direct sunlight.
  • If necessary, correct and polish paint to remove surface imperfections before applying.
  • After washing and drying vehicle, use Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Surface Prep Spray to remove any leftover oils from washing/paint correction.
  • Apply 3-4 droplets of coating to a foam coating applicator and wipe onto the surface.
  • Allow a moment for product to flash before wiping excess product away.
  • Continue around entirety of vehicle until all painted surfaces have been coated.
  • Allow to cure approximately 12-14 hours and do not expose to moisture in that time.

50 ml.

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