SONAX Hybrid Wool Pad 143 DA

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When you need to heavy cut you need wool!

Wool fibers are perfect for heavy defect removal.

Center hole keeps temperatures low.

Designed for use with SONAX Profiline ExCut.

For extreme defect removal you need extreme defect removal pads you need SONAX Hybrid Wool Pad 143 DA. Wool pads are known for their intense cutting ability, and SONAX Hybrid Wool Pad is no different in fact, its been enhanced just slightly more by having a wool/polyester blend. This is the perfect balance of cutting wool and finishing polyester. Youll still need to polish after using the SONAX Hybrid Wool Pad, but all of those unsightly defects will be gone!

Created to be used with SONAX Profiline ExCut, the SONAX Hybrid Wool Pad 143 DA is 143 mm (as the name suggests!), and can be used on either a dual action or rotary polisher. Using heavy-duty adhesives, the SONAX Hybrid Wool Pad is durable and wont fly apart, even after extended use.

SONAX Hybrid Wool Pad features:
• A wool/polyester blend for maximum cutting ability
• A centering hole to keep temperatures low and not damage painted surfaces
• Can be used with both rotary and dual action machines

After use, its recommended that you clean the pad thoroughly using a dedicated wool pad cleaner to extend the life of the pad.

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