SONAX Ceramic Polish All-In-One

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Simplify your detail with SONAX!

SONAX Ceramic Polish All-In-One combines the power of SONAX abrasive technology with powerful Si-Carbon protection to deliver a single step solution for your paint. The water-based formulation is designed to removes mild scratches and restore paint color, depth, and gloss while providing ceramic grade protection. The ceramic Si-Carbon technology in SONAX Ceramic Polish All-In-One provides up to 3 months of protection from a single application.

Of course, we can leave out the hydrophobic properties. SONAX Ceramic Polish All-In-One creates hydrophobic barrier that produces exceptional water beading while also warding off dirt and grime. SONAX Ceramic Polish All-In-One is a simple solution to maintain your paints appearance while protecting it from the elements of the road.

PRO TIP: Use SONAX Ceramic Detailer or SONAX Ceramic Spray to layer additional protection and maintain gloss and slickness. 

Key Features:

  • Uses Si-Carbon technology to provide a durable, long-lasting shine.

  • One-step solution that removes defects and protects paint with ceramic technology.

  • Provides a slick, hydrophobic surface that last for up to 3 months.

How to Use:

  • Start with a clean vehicle. Wash, dry, and decontaminate if needed.

  • Apply a small amount of product to a foam pad or applicator sponge pad and start working the product out evenly across the surface.

  • Apply a thin layer, treating complete sections is one consistent application.

  • Allow the polish to lightly dry/haze and remove access with a dedicated microfiber towel.

  • For defect removal, it is recommended to polish using a rotary or dual action polisher and a foam polishing pad. 

Size: 500 ml.

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