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DP All-In-One Polish & Seal is the advanced, multi-step product you have been waiting for. DP All-In-One Polish & Seal is designed to remove surface imperfections with the help of abrasive technology. Swirls, light scratches and smearing are easily removed with one application of DP All-In-One Polish & Seal. Get ready for glossy, shiny paint with DP All-In-one Polish & Seal.

PERFECTS! Removes light surface contaminants with the help of abrasive technology.
DP All-In-One Polish & Seal is an advanced formula that uses abrasive technology to remove surface imperfections. When it comes polishing, abrasives work at a microscopic level to make the paint surface smoother. Once the abrasives hit the surface, they will remove light imperfections, such as swirls, light scratches and smearing.

SHINES! Thanks to carnauba wax, your paint will be shiny and protected.
DP All-In-One-Polish & Seal uses the power of carnauba wax to make your paint shine. When applied to a car's paint, carnauba wax hardens and creates a super thin protective shield that is resistant to heat, water and other contaminants. Also, carnauba wax tends to give off a bright glow compared to other synthetic waxes, making DP All-In-One Polish & Seal even better.

SAVES! Saves you time and money as the product polishes and seals in one!
Since this product polishes and seals, you can skip a step and do two steps in one. This saves you money from having to buy multiple products, as well as the time spent doing both steps and the elbow grease of having to detail your way around the car twice.


*When applied by hand*

  • Shake well!
  • Apply several dime sized drops of product onto a foam polishing pad.
  • Apply to the paint using a circular back-and-forth motion.
  • Use a clean buffing towel to remove excess polish.

*When applied by a machine*

  • Shake well!
  • Apply several dime sized drops of product onto a foam polishing pad.
  • Apply using a low speed and medium pressure.
  • Slowly increase speed and continue in an overlapping, back-and-forth motion.
  • Once a product is spent, buff away any excess with a microfiber towel.

16 oz.

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