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Mist, rinse, and enjoy

DP Detailing Products Hydro Wet Seal is the missing ingredient in your washing regiment that you may not even know you're missing. DP Hydro Wet Seal is a unique, water activated paint protectant that provides intense water beading and protection properties without requiring you to even touch your paint! After a wash, while you paint is still wet, simply mist DP Hydro Wet Seal on the panel and rinse. The water will transport and activate DP Hydro Wet Seal across the surface and probably leave you in shock of how little effort it just took for that shine!

GLOSS! DP Hydro Wet Seal leaves an unbelievable amount of gloss for its simple application
DP Hydro Wet Seal packs miles of gloss into its simple application. Using a dynamic chemical foundation, the formulation of Hydro Wet Seal can provide months of protection as a stand-alone product, or can complement your existing wax, sealant, or coating!

EASY-TO-USE! Simple spray onto a wet panel, and rinse away. That's it!
The simple mist on, rinse off application will leave you in awe! The unique formulation of DP Hydro Wet Seal creates a stunning gloss and protection without the vigorous labor normally required for most paint protectants. By employing the natural flow of water, DP Hydro Wet Seal is transported over the surface and activated by the simple spay of a hose!

HYDROPHOBIC! Watch as water and contamination roll off the surface!
You'll only be able to believe the incredible hydrophobic activity of DP Hydro Wet Seal once you see it. The proprietary formulation is derived from the active ingredient in most ceramic coatings, providing unparalleled gloss and protection!

Looking for more information on DP Hydro Wet Seal? Check out our Detailer's Reflections article on the benefits and uses for Hydro Wet Seal, as well as detailed guide on application!

Plus, it will give you a sneak peak at the incredible gloss that Hydro Wet Seal provides!

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  • Make sure you are working on a cool surface and out of direct sunlight.
  • Wash your vehicle as your normally would, but DO NOT dry.
  • Spray DP Hydro Wet Seal directly onto the wet paint.
  • Work one panel at a time, starting at the top.
  • Rinse off immediately.
  • Dry vehicle as normal with a drying towel such as the Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave.

16 oz.

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