Mist - Rinse - Enjoy - DP Hydro Wet Seal Review

Mist - Rinse - Enjoy - DP Hydro Wet Seal ReviewMist, Rinse, Enjoy - DP Hydro Wet Seal Review By: Will C. @ Autopia | 3-12-2020

DP Hydro Wet Seal is the product you've been missing, even if you didn't know it! The dynamic chemistry behind this product makes gloss and protection more practical then ever before!

DP Hydro Wet Seal

For over a hundred years paint protection has used the same tedious application methods. Wax on. Wait. Then buff. As chemistry advanced the power of the protection grew, but the same labor-intensive methods continued. That is, until recently. DP Hydro Wet Seal boast a nearly effortless application method for an inconceivable amount of gloss and protection. So, donít worry, this minimalist approach wonít shortchange you.

DP Hydro Wet Seal creates a silky-smooth surface with an astounding amount of hydrophobic activity, which in turn, keeps your vehicle cleaner for longer. This revolutionary product utilizes water as a transport method to disperse its active ingredients across each panel. As you rinse, youíll literally watch it activate as if you just swished a wand.

How To Apply DP Hydro Wet Seal

We simply canít stress enough on how simple this application truly is, so, weíll just show you! Just as you would with any other paint protectant, youíll want to ensure you are working with a clean surface. Wash your vehicle just as you normally would, however, do not dry it. Leaving the panels wet gives DP Hydro Wet Seal a landing pad for its progressive transport technology. Working in small, controlled sections, mist DP Hydro Wet Seal onto the panel and immediately follow this with a strong jet of water to activate. You donít need a pressure washer, just a strong stream from a standard hose will do the trick.

DP Hydro Wet Seal requires zero dwell time and can cause streaking if left on the panel, this is why itís best to work in small areas and move around the vehicle panel by panel. If you are working with a vehicle with no protection at all, then itís best to apply two applications for the best gloss and hydrophobic activity!

Benefits And Uses

DP Hydro Wet Seal packs in a multitude of different benefits into each bottle. Weíve already discussed how easy it is to apply, the miles of gloss it provides, and the extreme hydrophobic layer it creates. What else could there be?

Versatility. Thatís what. DP Hydro Wet Seal creates a bond with unprotected paint, but it can also bond to your existing protection. This makes it the perfect topper for you wax or sealant. Additionally, DP Hydro Wet Seal is an excellent choice for coating maintenance. Honesty, we canít think of an application that DP Hydro Wet Seal wouldnít be perfect for!

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