McKee's 37 Glass Coating

McKee’s 37 Glass CoatingDiscontinued

McKee’s 37 Glass Coating is the long-lasting, easy-to-apply solution for poor wet-weather visibility. McKee’s 37 Glass Coating uses nano-glass ceramic technology to offer outstanding durability coupled with extreme ease-of-use. This coating creates a glass-like shield on your your exterior automotive glass that causes water to quickly bead up and run off, keeping your vision clear in any weather condition.

Age and use quickly wear away your windshield’s natural ability to sheet water. Water tends to stick to the glass while your windshield wiper’s flail uselessly, struggling to remove the obstructive film. McKee’s 37 Glass Coating not only restores to your windshield’s ability to sheet water, it dramatically increases it beyond factory standard. Unlike similar glass coatings, many of which require special chemicals or exact procedures, McKee’s 37 Glass Coating is easy-to-apply.

McKee’s 37 Glass Coating creates a nano-glass ceramic coating on your windshield and exterior glass. As you apply it, the nano-sized particles fill in any microscopic pits and voids, restoring a perfectly-smooth glass surface. The result is a super-hydrophobic barrier that causes water to bead into extremely small, marble-like spheres which run from the surface. At speeds above 25 mph, the super-hydrophobic effect is so pronounced that windshield wiper usage is no longer needed.

The smooth, hard surface created by McKee’s 37 Glass Coating prevents oil, road film, and grime from attaching to your windshield. Any exterior glass coated with McKee’s 37 Glass Coating will clean easily and stay clean for longer. This semi-permanent coating will last up to a year, keeping your vision crystal clear no matter the weather condition or the road ahead.

  1. Apply to glass that is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.
  2. Polish the glass first using McKee’s 37 High Performance Glass Restorer.
  3. Spray McKee’s 37 Glass Coating directly on the glass and evenly distribute using a foam applicator.
  4. Allow product to set up for 2 minutes and then lightly buff with a clean, soft, lint-free microfiber towel
4 oz.

Made in USA