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Coat your glass for any weather

DP Glass Coating repels rain, snow and sleet from your car's glass. DP Glass Coating is ceramic based for extra protection. DP Glass Coating even works on already treated glass surfaces and will last up to one year with proper maintenance. With enhanced water beading capabilities, DP Glass Coating provides a safer driving experience no matter the weather.

REPELS! No more water, ice, snow or sleet living on your windshield or windows.
DP Glass Coating has the power of hydrophobicity. Water, in all its forms, will bead up and fall right off your slick glass surfaces. This will be extremely useful in inclement weather, giving you a better field of vision. Not only that, but the surface will stay cleaner.

PROTECTION! Gives you long-lasting, ceramic based protection with just one application.
Ceramic-based coatings bond better to the surface, creating more tension, making it hard for contaminants to stay on it. Because of the ceramic factor, it does not break down or wash away easily, so you don't have to worry about DP Glass Coating washing away when you wash your car.

EASY TO USE! Just spray, set, swipe!
For optimal results, it's best to use DP Glass Coating in coordination with DP 20/20 Vision Glass Cleaner and DP Coating Prep Polish or DP Coating Prep Spray. Spray DP Glass Coating onto the surface and then even it out with a microfiber pad. Let the product set and then wipe away.


  • Make sure you are out of direct sunlight and working on a cool surface.
  • For best results, thoroughly clean glass with DP 20/20 Vision Glass Cleaner (see bottle for instructions).
  • For continued best results, prep the surface using DP Coating Prep Polish OR DP Coating Prep Spray (see bottles for instructions).
  • Spray DP Glass Coating directly onto the surface.
  • Spread evenly across using a coating applicator.
  • Allow to set on surface for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Remove excess product with a clean, lint-free microfiber towel.
  • Do not expose to moisture for 12 hours.

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