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Long lasting tire coating from DP!

Flexible acrylic-based resin coating

Wonít sling off

Lasts for months

Four wheeling tire perfection.

DP Tire Coating is a water-based formula designed to add an extra layer of protection between your rubber tires and the elements. DP Tire Coating protects your car against the elements, keeping them clean and looking like new. DP Tire Coating will help prevent fading and the other defects that come from worn tires. A sleek, matte finish is what you can expect from DP Tire Coating.

CLEANS! Repels dirt, grime, water, dust and more!
DP Tire Coating is a water-based solution, meaning it is safer for the environment because it doesnít use harmful chemicals. Water based products can also create a higher surface tension, which makes it easier for water to bead up and roll off. When water can roll off, it means that other contaminants can roll off as well. The coating acts as a protective wall between your carís tires and the outside world. DP Tire Coating protects your rubber against dirt, dust, water and road grime.

BEAUTY AND PROTECTION! No more fading, cracking or drying, just a smooth matte finish.
DP Tire Coating protects your tires from the UV hazards that affect your tires, such as fading, drying and cracking. DP Tire Coating produces a sleek to the look and touch, matte finish. This look and protection will last up to 5x as long as a traditional tire dressing.


  • DO NOT apply this to motorcycle tires or to the treaded area of your tires.
  • Apply in shaded area and on cool tires.
  • Thoroughly clean the tire with DP Dual Action Tire & Wheel cleaner (see their label for additional instruction).
  • Dry completely.
  • Apply two lines of DP Tire Coating onto a foam coating applicator.
  • Apply applicator with product to the tireís surface in an even layer.
  • Allow coating to cure for 1 minute.

4 oz.

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