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A coating that lasts!

DP Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Coating is a nano-polymer-based protection that protects leather, plastic and vinyl from the damaging effects of UV rays, moisture, oils and other contaminants. Once applied, DP Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Coating will last for months while giving off a low-sheen, newly detailed look. DP Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Coating is highly concentrated, so it can provide up 55+ applications. Plus, DP Leather & Vinyl Coating comes in the ease of a spray bottle.

PROTECTION! Formulated to give you extra protection against UV rays, moisture and more.
DP Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Coating consists of nano-polymer based protection, which basically means you are getting an extra special level of protection, designed to last longer. This extra protection protects against harmful UV rays that cause oxidation, moisture and oils that can ruin a leather surface and other contaminants that are causing harm to your interior leather, plastic and vinyl surfaces.

LOOKS GOOD! Gives off a freshly detailed look for months.
DP Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Coating provides a low sheen or satin-like finish. This freshly detailed look not only looks good, but it also lasts for months with just one application.

CONVENIENCE! Easy-to-use and is highly concentrated to give you 55+ applications.
DP Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Coating is easy-to-use with just a few steps. With the spray bottle, all you have to do is spray the product onto a microfiber coating applicator, apply the applicator to the surface, let it sit and then wipe away.


  • Clean the surface to be coated with DP Total Interior Cleaner to remove large pieces of debris and dirt.
  • Shake DP Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Coating well.
  • Spray DP Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Coating onto a microfiber coating applicator
  • Spread evenly across the surface to be coated.
  • Allow product to dwell for approximately one minute.
  • Buff away with a clean microfiber towel.

4 oz.

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