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Coat it, not matter what your wheels are rolling in.

DP Wheel Coating will add a layer of protection between your wheels and the elements. Dirt, road grime, brake dust, other environmental contaminants and water spots are no match for DP Wheel Coating. DP Wheel Coating will protect as it enhances, allowing for a greater shine and clarity. DP Wheel Coating also promotes water beading, resulting in easier maintenance. Rated for high temperatures, DP Wheel Coating is specially designed to coat clear-coated wheels.

PROTECTION! An invisible barrier will protect your car from the elements, even hot climates.
DP Wheel Coating repels future contaminants like dirt, road grime and brake dust from sticking around and going for a ride on your wheels. The coating acts as an invisible barrier with high water repellency that will also prevent water spots. The water will bead up and roll off, rather than stick to the surface along with any dirty contaminants it has brought along with it

CERAMIC-BASED! So, it is more resistant to scratching and swirling.
A ceramic-based coating bonds to the surface, making the surface hard, which in turn, makes it more resistant to scratching and swirling. It also means that it does not wash away or break down, so it doesn't require repeated applications often.


  • For best results, clean wheels with DP Dual Action Tire & Wheel Cleaner (see bottle for directions).
  • For continued best results, prep the surface for coating with DP Coating Prep Polish or DP Coating Prep Spray (see bottles for directions).
  • Spray DP Wheel Coating directly onto a coating applicator.
  • Spread applicator with product evenly over the wheels surface.
  • Work into surface until coating disappears.
  • Buff away excess with a clean microfiber towel.

4 oz.

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