McKee’s 37 Wheel Glaze

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Clean and protect all types of wheels!

McKee’s 37 Wheel Glaze is a cleaner and a polymer sealant that blocks out dirt and brake dust with a shiny protective coating. Cleaning agents remove dirt, brake dust, tar, sap, and bugs while improving fine scratches. McKee’s 37 Wheel Glaze creates an anti-static finish that inhibits brake dust and keeps wheels cleaner.

Brake dust is the single most destructive contaminant that plagues your vehicle?s wheels. It contains carbon and an adhesive used in the manufacture of brake pads. Add red hot metal shavings to the mix and you?ve got a recipe for corrosion.

McKee’s 37 Wheel Glaze removes brake dust residue and reduces the appearance of scratches and pitting by lifting out contamination. McKee’s 37 Wheel Glaze contains no abrasives. Your wheels are safe with Detailer?s Pro Series Wheel Glaze.

Glossy, temperature-resistant polymers bond to the wheel to block out contamination. McKee’s 37 Wheel Glaze blocks out the sun, sand, salt, snow, acid rain, industrial pollution, tar, and ? the worst culprit of all ? brake dust. The wheel surface will be so slick that brake dust will be unable to stick. Your wheels will remain clean longer, even in adverse conditions. McKee’s 37 Wheel Glaze resists high heat, humidity and extreme cold.

McKee’s 37 products have been researched and tested in humid South Florida. In these hot and often wet conditions, we found that McKee’s 37 Wheel Glaze does not evaporate prematurely or weaken. It continues to keep your wheels clean, shiny, and protected from the threat of corrosion.

Professionals will love the easy on, easy off application of McKee’s 37 Wheel Glaze. Drivers will love how clean their wheels look days after application. This durable wheel protectant can save you the cost of refinishing or replacing your wheels, especially if you have an import that is prone to brake dust. Regular use of McKee’s 37 Wheel Glaze can save your wheels!

8 oz.

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By Mary B.
Burnsville, MN
July 13, 2017
Amazing glaze
I used Mckee's glaze 4 months ago on a weekend only car. It kept my wheels easy to clean and glossy. Brake dust wasn't sticking.
I liked the scent of grape soda, consistency of gel which was easy to apply on both app. pad and wheels, and it's a nice big tub.
Will re-do this weekend gladly with Mckee's 37 Wheel glaze.
ProsPrice, fun scent, slick and glossy.
By Robert
Rancho Cucamonga, California
January 12, 2016
Good Wheel Glaze
Wheel glaze went on very easy using a finger pocket. When wiping off the glaze there was some residue which I didn't care for. The residue didn't stick. I just blew it off or wipe it away. The residue may have been me putting to much glaze on the wheel. I noticed some area would have residue and other areas no residue. Next time I polish the wheels I will try and put a thin layer of glaze. I am sure this will clear it up the residue.
ProsEasy on Easy off
ConsResidue build up when you apply to much glaze.
By Michael
Lawndale, CA
April 23, 2015
Good Wheel Protection
It worked as described. Provided good protection and made washing the wheels easier.
By Chris
April 18, 2012
Outstanding wheel glaze!
DP's Wheel glaze is a very cost effective way to clean and keep your wheels clean! Product also smells very good and a little glaze goes a looong way. Not only that, but the glaze is easy to apply and remove, once hazed.

One thing I've found is that if you have hubcaps and a brake shield behind that and you get some glaze on the shield you can just simply wipe the product off it. Will need to use some water or APC and clean the shield. Loses 1 star.
ProsPrice Smell Easy On Easy Off
ConsDoes stain brake shield behind hubcaps. Have to use H2O or APC to remove
By Miguel
January 22, 2012
I have a car detailing business and I have used this product and what's great about it that you can use it on any wheel to remove most stains but if the stains are bad you will be a chrome cut compound but for most jobs this glaze will do the trick for sure. Amazing product just fabulous and it's for many wheels all you do is a apply a little and remember a little goes a long way and let it haze to get amazing results then wipe off.