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Creates a hydrophobic layer of protection, blocking out spills

Protects fabrics from fading due to harmful UV rays

Easy-to-use formula provides a simple spray on application

Waterproof your interior fabric!

DP Fabric Preserve creates a waterproof barrier on the fabric, repelling water, oils and other liquids. DP Fabric Preserve also protects against harmful UV rays. Plus, DP Fabric Preserve is easily applied with a useful spray bottle.

WATERPROOF! Repels the moisture trying to sink into your fabrics.
DP Fabric Preserve creates a waterproof barrier between your fabric and the rest of the world. Because this product repels liquids, anything spilled on the surface wonít have time to sink in and stain. Your fabric is also protected from other liquids such as water, mud, soda, snow and even urine.

PROTECTS! Protects against harmful effects of UV rays.
DP Fabric Preserve also protects against the sunís rays that can cause adverse effects, such as fading.

EASY-TO-USE! Spray the moisture away with this easy-to-use bottle.
Safe to use on any interior fabric surface, DP Fabric Preserve is easy to apply in a simple spray bottle. Allow the fabric to air dry and donít expose fabric to moisture for at least twelve hours.


  • Spray DP Fabric Preserve directly onto clean, dry fabric surfaces in an even layer, careful of over saturation.
  • Allow fabric to air dry.
  • Let the surface cure/set for 12-24 hours before exposing to moisture.

16 oz.

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