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Dress up your tires for a night of the road.

DP Tire Dressing is a water-based formula that preserves original color and texture. DP Tire Dressing is 100% water based and protects the original look and feel of your tire, enhancing the appearance with long-lasting shine. DP Tire Dressing is easy to apply with no chance of sling and will last for several washes and rainy days!

PRESEVRES! Original color and texture will be restored and look like new.
With DP Tire Dressing, you can make your tires look like you just bought them. They will have a deep, dark, satin-like look to them and they will also feel like new rubber once again. Plus, with this product you get an enhanced, long-lasting shine.

EASY TO USE! A simple spray bottle does the trick without sling.
Sling finds its way onto other parts of your car and can sometimes cause damage to the paint and calls for more cleanup time. With DP Tire Dressing you don't have to worry about excess product flying anywhere!

LONG LASTING! This dressing will last through several washes and rainstorms.
Your tires make contact with the ground 24/7, which means contact with contaminants and water. DP Tire Dressing is designed to last through several washes and even heavy rainstorms. So, go ahead, take your car on drives in the rain!


*Do NOT use on motorcycle tires*

  • First clean your wheels with DP Dual Action Tire & Wheel Cleaner (see bottle for directions).
  • Spray DP Tire Dressing directly onto the rubber tire, careful not to overspray.
  • Use a clean microfiber towel to buff away any excess product.
  • Wait 15 minutes before applying another coat for increased shine.
  • Be sure to clean any overspray with a microfiber towel.

16 oz.

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