McKee's 37 Coating Prep Auto Wash

Item Description:

McKee’s 37 Coating Prep Auto Wash is a powerful detergent that strips remaining traces of previously applied waxes and sealants, leaving your vehicle squeaky clean for the next step in detailing. By breaking down old waxes and silicone oils, the next step you perform in the detailing process (clay, polish, coat) will produce superior results. McKee’s 37 Coating Prep Auto Wash is infused with highly refined alkaline detergents that effectively deep clean your paint without drying it out. Formulated without acids or phosphates, you can trust that Coating Prep Auto Wash is 100% safe for all exterior surfaces. This high-foaming formula encapsulates dirt and grit particles, helping to prevent wash-induced swirl marks and scratches.

Create mountains of foam with McKee’s 37 Coating Prep Auto Wash! This surface-safe formula can be used the traditional method with a 5-gallon bucket, OR with a Foam Gun or Foam Cannon!

16 oz.

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