DP Detailing Products Coating Maintenance Wash

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Safe for all coated and uncoated vehicles

Increases water-beading properties

Easily removes dirt and contamination while leaving you coating feeling refreshed

Safe for paint, glass, and wheels

Make your maintenance washes worth it

DP Coating Maintenance Wash keeps your car looking good in-between full detail washes. Itís pH-neutral formula keeps it safe so that you can use it over pre-existing surface coatings. The wash itself gently lifts and removes surface contamination so that with every wash your car remains clean without having to put in any extra work the next time.

PH NEUTRAL FORMULA! It safe from hazardous levels of alkaline or acidity.
Because of its pH-neutral formula, DP Maintenance Wash is safe to use on already applied coatings.

MAINTAIN! It will continue to make your car look the way it has since the first coating application.
DP Maintenance Wash will increase water-beading properties, helping the water roll off your surface, rather than accumulating additional contaminants, allowing for your car to maintain its newly washed appearance.

CLEANS! It wouldnít be a wash if it didnít remove surface contaminations.
the DP Coating Maintenance Wash cleans your carís surface, gently ridding it of dirt, dust, mud and road grime. It also removes the same contaminants from paint, glass and wheels.


  • Work out of direct sunlight!
  • Add 2 oz. of Coating Maintenance Wash to a 5-gallon bucket.
  • Activate the suds in the bucket using a strong jet of water.
  • Wash vehicle with a clean microfiber towel or wash mitt, using best washing practices, meaning wash top to bottom.
  • DO NOT allow product to dry on paint, rinse and dry surface completely after washing.

16 oz.

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