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A cleaning for every reason!

Cars get messy, bottom line. With DP All Purpose Cleaner Plus they don't have to stay that way. Clean virtually any surface with DP All Purpose Cleaner Plus by adjusting to different dilution ratios. Thanks to DP All Purpose Cleaner Plus your car will be free of any and all types of contaminants. Use DP All Purpose Cleaner Plus to save time and money by using one product to clean it all!

CLEANS! Rid virtually any surface of contaminants.
DP All Purpose Cleaner Plus can tackle all different types of contaminants that infect your surfaces. Contaminants such as dirt, dust, grime, mud, tar, grease, oils and more!

MULTI USE SAFE! Depending on dilution, you can use for different tasks.
DP All Purpose Cleaner Plus is safe to use on paint, leather, vinyl, plastic, fabric and even on your engine. So, no matter the part of your car you wish to clean, all you need is one product! Depending on which surfaces you want to clean will determine your dilution ratios for the best cleaning action.

EASY-TO-USE! All you need are two items!
All you have to do (once you chose you dilution) is spray directly on the to surface, allow the product to dwell and then wipe away.


For use on delicate surfaces: paint, leather, vinyl, plastic and fabric

  • Dilute 4:1 with water.
  • Spray directly onto the surface to be treated.
  • Allow to dwell for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Wipe away with a clean microfiber towel.

For use on tougher jobs: grease removal, engine cleaning, heavy staining

  • Spray full-strength onto the surface.
  • Allow to dwell for one minute.
  • If necessary, gently agitate the surface using a brush or microfiber towel.
  • Wipe away with a clean microfiber towel.

16 oz.


If your vehicle has coated, billet, or anodized wheels, simply dilute Detailer's Pro Series Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner 1:1 with water. For all other wheels, tires, and convertible tops, spray the surface with water and then spray it with the cleaner. Agitate the surface with a brush. Rinse surfaces thoroughly with water. Do not allow the cleaner to dry on any surface.

To remove bugs and tar, spray the spot and wait 30 seconds. Wipe off with a clean towel.

Clean engine compartment by spraying cleaner onto a cool engine. Agitate with a brush and rinse thoroughly.

To clean door jambs, chrome, and colored plastic, simply spray and wipe.

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