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For when your pads need a refresher!

DP Polishing Pad Cleaner helps to keep your pads looking, feeling and working like new. DP Polishing Pad Cleaner removes any oils the pad picked up from compounding and polishing. DP Polishing Pad Cleaner washes away clean without leaving residue behind, just as a cleaner should. DP Polishing Pad Cleaner is safe to use on foam and wool pads.

REMOVAL! Rids your pad of oils it picked up from polishing and compounding.
Once the polish or compound has been applied to a pad, that product sinks into the foam and/or wool, sometimes not visibly noticeable. Set-in product can ruin the pad for future use, but this cleaner has cleaning agents that dig deep into the foam/wool to remove any remaining residue and oils that still may be hiding in the material.

SAFE! Good to go on foam and wool pads!
Another worry that comes with pads and pad cleaners, is that sometimes the cleaner does more harm than good, meaning it leaves behind its own residue that can interact with the applied polish or compound and lead to a wrong and messy application. With DP Polishing cleaner, there is no residue left behind as it washes away clean.

CLEAN! No need to worry about any residue being left behind.
DP Polishing Pad Cleaner is safe for use on both foam and wool pads. It's perfect for cleaning, even when you are in a rush.


  • Spray DP Polishing Pad Cleaner directly onto the face of the pad.
  • Allow product to soak into pad for 1-2 minutes.
  • If needed, agitate the pad using a foam pad cleaning brush.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Dry completely before using.

16 oz.

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