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A perfect interior in one bottle!

DP Interior All-In-One cleans, shines and protects your plastic surfaces, keeping your interior looking like new. DP Interior All-In-One helps eliminate those bad odors that somehow manage to find their way into your car. DP Interior All-In-One leaves your plastic interiors clean and not with a greasy finish.

CLEAN AND SHINY! Simply spray a clean microfiber towel and wipe.
DP Interior-All-In-One is your one stop product for cleaning your plastic surfaces in your car. That means anything from your dashboard and steering wheel, to gear shifts, seat buckles and center consoles. As you clean, you will remove fingerprints, dirt, dust and grime and replace it with shine.

PROTECT FROM FUTURE DAMAGE! Keep interior safe from future UV rays and wear and tear.
DP Interior All-In-One protects the surfaces that have just been cleaned and protects against new contaminants and even the degrading effects of the sun's rays. It will even protect against everyday wear and tear.

No one wants a smelly car, keep it fresh with the same product! DP Interior All-In-One rids your car of all bad odors, allowing your car to smell as good as it looks!

A greasy finish is a messy finish, no worries here with that! Unlike most products, you won't have any lingering greasy residue on your surfaces.


  • Make sure the nozzle is pointed away from you, towards a clean, microfiber towel
  • Take the microfiber towel and apply evenly to the surface.
  • Allow product to fully dry, no need to wipe off the product.
  • Feel free to add more layers of product to increase shine.

16 oz.

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