SONAX Glaze OS 02-06

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The One-Step Solution For Professionals

SONAX Glaze OS 02-06 is the All-In-One solution for professionals. Utilizing SONAX’s advanced abrasive technology, SONAX Glaze OS 02-06 can remove light imperfections and produce hologram free results in a single step. The fine abrasives in SONAX Glaze OS 02-06 are designed to be user friendly and won’t produce unwanted hazing or marring after use.

Along with creating a mirror-like finish, SONAX Glaze OS 02-06 also leaves behind a layer of ceramic protection. The SiO2 enhanced formula leaves a layer of silica-based protection that produces incredible shine and hydrophobics. SONAX Glaze OS 02-06 leaves a dependable layer of protection when compared to other all-in-one products. SONAX Glaze OS 02-06 uses this ceramic technology to provide up to 6 months of paint protection per application.

Key Features:

  • Advanced abrasive technology provides hologram-free results.

  • SiO2 infused to leave a durable layer of protection that lasts up to 6 months.

  • Easy-to-use formulation that can be used by both professionals and enthusiasts.

How to Use:

  • Start with a clean surface. Decontaminate the paint if needed prior to application.

  • By hand – using a microfiber of foam applicator pad, apply dime-sized amount of SONAX Glaze OS 02-06 and start working in a small area. Allow the product to dry to a slight haze, then buff away with a microfiber towel.
  • By Machine – using dual action polisher and a foam polishing pad, apply 3 dime-sized droplets of product across the face of the pad. Starting on a slow speed to spread the and adjust to a higher speed if correction power is needed. After polishing, wipe clean with a dedicated microfiber towel.
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