Speed Master Coating Applicator - Single

Item Description:

Tight weave fibers for even product distribution

Dual sided for application of multiple coatings or dual-layer systems

Build in divided avoids cross contamination and over-saturation

Red and black sides allow you to visually assign a coating to each side

Speed through coating application!

The Speed Master Coating Applicator is a purpose driven tool developed for seamless application of all coating types. This dual sided, tight weave applicator provides an even distribution of your preferred coating, every time. The dual sided design of the Speed Master Coating Applicator is divided by a plastic barrier tucked deep inside the applicator. This makes the Speed Master Coating Applicator a perfect choice for dual-layer coating systems and avoids any cross contamination during the process. Additionally, this also allows the Speed Master Coating Applicator to absorb the perfect amount of product for ideal distribution without wasting product and becoming over-saturated.

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