Tire Saver Dressing Applicator

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It's time for a new style of tire dressing applicator!

The Tire Saver Dressing Applicator is a fresh take on the foam applicators we've used for decades. Needless to say, it was time for something new. The Tire Saver Dressing Applicator borrows a bit from the style of premium coating applicators and utilizes Barrier Layer Technology to reduce product waste. The foam core is layered with a hydrophobic sheet that prevents excess product absorption. Not only will this save you product, but it will also keep it right on the face of the applicator. Where is should be! To provide even product distribution the Tire Saver Dressing Applicator uses an 80/20 twisted fiber. These fibers allow product to fill in small crevices across the tire face. On the opposing side you'll find a mesh backing that gives you grip and control as you put the final touches on your tires!

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