BLACKFIRE Interior Detailer -32 oz.

Item Description:

One product to detail your interior surfaces

Removes light dust, fingerprints, and fingerprints

Perfect for regular maintenance

Leaves a clean satin finish

Freshen up your interior surfaces in just one application!

BLACKFIRE Interior Detailer quickly cleans and protects your interior in just one step, saving you time and money! Designed for touch-up interior care, BLACKFIRE Interior Detailer is a perfect maintenance product to keep your interior in pristine condition! BLACKFIRE Interior Detailer's cleaning agents can remove fingerprints, dust, light dirt and smudges fro your interior's surfaces and leaves behind a satin finish that will protect against UV rays after just one use!

Interior cleaning is an unpleasant but necessary evil. Depending on the level of contamination, you could spend hours spraying, scraping, scrubbing, and wiping. Regular maintenance is the key to easy maintenance and BLACKFIRE Interior Detailer is definitely an easy maintenance product! Just as you would use a quick detailer on your paint to freshen up your exterior, you can use BLACKFIRE Interior Detailer to freshen up your interior!

32 oz.

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