Pinnacle Advanced Compound

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Pinnacle Advanced Compound removes swirl marks with no effort
Apply with a foam cutting pad
Pinnacle Advanced Compound has a long smooth buffing cycle
Set polisher to medium or high speed setting

Pinnacle Advanced Compound provides a safe and easy to use solution for restoring the gloss and shine on your vehicle's painted surfaces. It is uniquely formulated to remove the imperfections like swirl marks, scratches, water spots, and micro marring that block shine making paint look dull. Pinnacle Advanced Compound has the cutting ability of an aggressive compound, and still provides the smooth finish of a fine polish. In the past, correcting paint imperfections was a multistep process due largely in part to the super-aggressive abrasives found in almost all compounds. Hazing and micro-marring were basically a given that would need to be smoothed out with a finishing polish. This meant hours upon hours of buffing using multiple products, steeping down in intensity until a smooth finish was achieved. We are all happy that those days are over! Pinnacle Advanced Compound is a shining example of the advancements made in the car care industry. This compound delivers true compound cutting ability with a fine polish finish. The secret to Pinnacle Advanced Compound's amazing cutting and finishing abilities is the use of engineered abrasive technology. Unlike mined abrasives that are literally mined from the earth and are very inconsistent in size and shape, engineered abrasives are lab-created allowing for consistency in size, shape, sharpness, and hardness or softness. Even though mined abrasives were an industry standard for decades and certainly have their uses, creating a show car shine requires careful calculation and design. Pinnacle Advanced Compound contains engineered abrasives designed to cut and finish better than other compounds can without scouring or hazing the paint. Pinnacle Advanced Compound is powerful enough to remove 1200 grit sanding marks, and still finishes like a fine cut polish. The body shop safe formula is easy to use with a long buffing cycle and easy wipe off. Apply Pinnacle Advanced Compound using your favorite foam, wool, or microfibers pads and a dual action or rotary polisher. Apply by hand in difficult to reach areas.

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