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Stay the COARSE for perfect paint.

RUPES D-A COARSE High-Performance Cutting Compound is the heavy hitter of the RUPES D-A System. Ideal for moderate to severe defects, RUPES D-A COARSE was designed to be a solution for quick and effective defect removal on any paint type. Optimized for use with the COARSE blue foam pad, DA wool pads, or COARSE Microfiber Discs. The RUPES D-A COARSE compound represents a significant advancement in cutting compound performance with excellent clarity, low dusting, and easy wipe off.

POWERFUL! Removes up to 1500 grit sanding marks!
Powerful abrasives contained in RUPES D-A COARSE provide the cutting ability to remove sanding marks up to 1500 grit. RUPES D-A COARSE achieves this while finishing out with significant clarity for a cutting compound. Many comparable compounds leave significant amount of marring behind for a polish to resolve.

LOW DUSTING! Ditch the dust. Polishing shouldn't look like sanding!
Nothing is worse than having to dust your garage, tools, and even yourself off after a correction process. RUPES D-A COARSE uses advanced abrasives to quickly remove deep defects without creating a cloud of dust you'll need to deal with later.

Long Work Cycle! Make the most out of every pass, and the product!
While RUPES D-A COARSE is quick to remove defects, it isn't quick to breakdown. The long buffing cycle allows you to work the panel to the desired level, leaving no defect behind. Not only does this make RUPES D-A COARSE more cost effective than comparable products, it will also mean less time applying more working product to your pads!


  • Shake well before use.
  • Select pad type based on desired level of defect removal and paint hardness.
  • Prime pad by applying D-A COARSE to the face of the pad.
  • Work the product in a section 6x the size of the polishing pad being used. Applying light to moderate pressure.
  • Wipe away residue with a clean, soft microfiber cloth and inspect the surface for results.

250 ml. (8.4 oz.)

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