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RUPES REVEAL LITE was made to remove unwanted residues and contamination from various exterior surfaces. RUPES REVEAL LITE was formulated to remove compound and polish oils, residues, waxes, and non-durable fillers. While RUPES REVEAL LITE is designed as a prep spray, it doubles as a cleaner. The ability to remove unwanted oils and road grime makes RUPES REVEAL LITE a great choice for heavily contaminated exterior glass.

Key Features:

  • Removes unwanted polishing oils, fillers, residues, waxes, and non-durable fillers.
  • Prepares surface for application of protection, or strips surface down for a sterile polishing environment.
  • Doubles as a powerful glass cleaner for removing stubborn road grime.

RUPES Tips for Success:

  1. Spray a generous amount of RUPES REVEAL LITE directly onto the surface. (If paint is fresh and not fully cured, spray onto a towel and then wipe. Do not spray directly onto freshly painted surfaces.
  2. Wipe off immediately with a soft microfiber towel until dry.
  3. Inspect, then repeat treatment if necessary.
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