SONAX Ultimate Cut 6-3 - 250 ml.

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SONAX Ultimate Cut 6+|3 is the culmination of over 80 years of liquid abrasive technology research, and it certainly shows! Ultimate Cut 6+|3 cuts extremely fast to remove deep scratches on neglected paint or sanding marks up to p1000. Ultimate Cut 6+|3 achieves this with a unique formulation of aluminum oxide to produce a heavy cutting compound that forgoes the normal dusting and hazing that you see in similar products. These finely tuned abrasives have the power to produce astonishing results on paint and even gel coat materials, making it a very versatile product for any professional detailer. Ultimate Cut 6+|3 is also a water-based formula, free of any silicones or fillers making it the perfect product for body shop.

SONAX Ultimate Cut 6+|3 isn't only for the professional. This user-friendly cutting compound is perfect for use with an expert behind a rotary polisher, and even the weekend warrior freshly equipped with their dual action machine! So, what are you waiting for? See the true power of liquid abrasive technology with SONAX Ultimate Cut 6+|3!

250 ml (8 oz.)

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