CARPRO BlackOut Tire and Rubber Coating - 50 ml

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  • CARPRO BlackOut Tire and Rubber Coating - 50 ml
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Keep your tires rolling BLACK

CARPRO CQUARTZ BlackOut delivers a dark, natural satin sheen without the sticky side effects of silicone-based dressings. Utilizing a formulation of polysiloxane technology with a solvent-based acrylic resin, CARPRO CQUARTZ BlackOut produces hydrophobic layer of protection that is resistant to salt and chemical damage. CARPRO CQUARTZ BlackOut is also packed with UV inhibitors to prevent premature degradation. CARPRO CQUARTZ BlackOut can be even restore the depth and luster to resin-based trim that has already deteriorated over time.

SELF-CLEANING! BlackOut provides a sealed and hydrophobic surface, so nothing sticks!
Want to keep those tires looking their best? Apply a coat of CARPRO CQUARTZ BlackOut! Coating your tires, rubber, and trim with CARPRO CQUARTZ BlackOut creates a layer of hydrophobic protection that seals in the dark black look. Dirt, dust, and any other contaminations will be stuck on the outside where it can stay!

VERSATILE! Works for tires, rubbers, and plastics!
The unique formulation of polysiloxane technology and solvent-based acrylic resin produces a coating that can add a deep black luster back to a variety of your porous resin surfaces. CARPRO CQUARTZ BlackOut can be applied to your tires, rubber, and plastic trim to keep that like new appearance for 6 months or longer!

PRESERVES! High concentrations of UV inhibitors prevent fading!
Aside from esthetics, CARPRO CQUARTZ BlackOut preserves your more fragile porous surfaces from further degradation. Harmful UV rays can not only bleach out your tires, rubber, and plastic trim, it can also dry these surfaces out and cause cracking. CARPRO CQUARTZ BlackOut prevents this by adding in powerful UV inhibitors to shield your surfaces from the sun's harmful rays.


Warning! Contents under pressure. Do not shake. Open slowly. Aim away from face and others. Wear gloves when handling product.

  • Wash tires thoroughly.
  • Ensure tires are completely dry
  • Pour a line of BlackOut on the tire applicator sponge and work the product over the tire wall. Apply more product as needed.
  • Let the product dry for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • Allow to dry a minimum of 12 hours before exposure to weather.
  • Avoid soaps and chemicals for 72 hours

50 ml.

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