303 Tire Coating and Protectant

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Item Description:

Leaves a Satin Finish

Protects Against Damaging UV

Prevents Cracking and Dry Rot

Sling Free

Durable Protecting paired with effortless application!

Looking for a simple solution to tire protection? 303 Tire Coating and Protectant provides with durable UV protection in a simple spray and wipe formula. Utilizing an aerosol delivery method, 303 Tire Coating covers your tire in durable protection without you having to worry about lettering or knobs. The thick foam is designed to self-level to produce an even satin finish.

Directions for use

  • Shake product well before using.
  • Apply on a clean, cool, dry tire.
  • Hold product 4-6 inches away from tire and spray evenly across entire tire.
  • Let tire dry completely for about ten minutes.
  • Apply additional coats if desired, waiting about ten minutes between each coat
  • Wipe off any overspray from rims or painted surfaces.

18 oz.

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