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CARPRO Gliss is a revolutionary new coating from CARPRO designed to be either a stand-alone paint protection coating, or as a topper for your already applied CARPRO Cquartz coating. Ideal for first-time paint coating appliers, CARPRO Gliss is easy to apply and provides exceptional levels of gloss, clarity, and protection on all painted surfaces. With up to 12 months of protection, the CARPRO Gliss easily slips into the top level of CARPRO paint coatings. CARPRO Gliss features:
Versatility – CARPRO Gliss, originally designed to be used as a topper to other CARPRO paint coatings, was discovered to have strong protective abilities of its own and works exceptionally well as a standalone product. However, if you do choose to use CARPRO Gliss as a topper, it will had thickness, hydrophobicity, and resistance to water spots and dust, as well as extend the overall life of your existing coating. Advanced Technology – CARPRO Gliss uses unique long-chain carbon fluorine polymers solution and enhanced nano-technology to create a hard-as-nails finish while also providing an industry leading slide angle and water-beading properties. Directions for use:
As a Top Coat:
• Apply to paint 4 or more hours after applying CARPRO Cquartz. As a Stand Alone Coat:
• Wash and dry entire vehicle. Remove any paint imperfections using your preferred polisher/compound/polish combo.
• Wipe down vehicle with CARPRO Eraser (to remove all remaining compound or polishing oils).
• Apply two straight lines onto the included suede microfiber wrapped applicator. Working a 2 x 2 sq. ft. area, apply CARPRO Gliss evenly across the surface.
• Add more product to the applicator as needed and continue application around entire vehicle.
• After product has flashed and a white haze has formed, wipe of all residue using a clean microfiber towel. Pro Tips:
• Keep surface dry for at least 1 hour after application. Do not wash car for 5-7 days after application for best results. CARPRO Gliss Includes:
• 30 ml. bottle of CARPRO Gliss
• 1 CARPRO Block Applicator
• 4 qty. Suede Microfiber Cloths

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