GYEON Q2 Syncro - 30 ml.

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Sync your ceramic protection!

DIY coatings have just been redefined. GYEON Q2 SYNCRO EVO combines the hard, durable protection of MOHS with the ultra-hydrophobic properties of a topcoat. The new formulation of MOHS utilizes a fluorine base to modify the polysilazane component of the chemistry. This creates an incredibly durable coating that only requires a single coat. From there, the reformulated version of SKIN maximizes the potential of Silica technology to deliver unparalleled gloss enhancements and dynamic water activity. GYEON Q2 SYNCRO fuses these two advanced layers of protection to provide up to 5 years of durability. One of the highest ratings for a consumer grade ceramic coating!

MULTI-LAYER PROTECTION! Yield the results of two dedicated paint coatings!
While many coatings on the market can provide a resistant barrier and hydrophobics, they are still trying to do a lot of tasks. We can all agree that a compound and polish is better than a one-step. So, we should all agree that a dedicated base coating topped with an ultra-glossy topcoat is better too! GYEON Q2 SYNCRO combines the strength of two dynamic coatings to return professional results.

DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE! Get certified installed results out of consumer grade coatings!
If you're looking for more, GYEON Q2 SYNCRO will provide it! GYEON Q2 SYNCRO brings you right to the edge of certified installer performance, without the technical side of the application. Using advancements in ceramic formulation, Q2 SYNCRO creates a base layer for hard layer of protection and then tops it with a hydrophobic layer for the best performance!

SINGLE LAYER APPLICATION! Each component of Q2 SYNCRO is made for single layer application!
While GYEON Q2 SYNCRO is a dual layer system, each component is designed to be applied in a single layer. The powerful chemistry of MOHS and SKIN bond together to yield up to 5 years of protection and performance!


  • Wash the vehicle using Q2M Foam and a strong degreasing agent.
  • Decontaminate the paintwork using a dedicated iron remover and follow with a clay bar if required.
  • We recommend at least one step of paint correction to improve gloss and remove defects.
  • Always wash the car with a degreasing agent after the paint correction. GYEON Q2 Prep, or another paint prep spray are required before application.
  • Ensure the surface is oil-free and completely dry. Use of Q2 Prep is obligatory.
  • Shake the Q2 MOHS EVO bottle before use.
  • Use a generous amount of product on the coating applicator. Ensure the surface is cool and completely dust free.
  • Apply a thick layer of Q2 MOHS EVO. Apply in your preferred motion. Leveling is crucial, not the application patten. We recommend applying full panels. Split panels only while applying at a higher temperature or humidity level.
  • Wipe off immediately (10 – 30 seconds) after applying on the whole panel/section. Wipe off carefully, do not leave any streaks or smudges.
  • Wait 1 hour, and apply the Q2 SKIN EVO Top Coat in a single layer. Wiping product off immediately.
  • Wait 12 hours before driving.

30 ml. MOHS & 30 ml. SKIN with applicator

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