GYEON Q2 One EVO - 30 ml.

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Perfect entry level coating for beginners

High candy gloss and 24+ months of durability

Easy wipe on and wipe off application

Great self-cleaning and chemical resistance


Stop looking, you’ve found the ONE!

GYEON ONE EVO was formulated to bridge the gap between complex coating applications and the simplicity of waxes or sealants. GYEON ONE EVO is an SiO2 based coating that provides a rich candy gloss with 24+ months of durability. The greatest attributes of GYEON ONE EVO are the ease of application and forgiveness it provides. GYEON ONE EVO can be wiped, or leveled, immediately after applying to the panel - making it a perfect first choice for your first coating application.

DIY FRIENDLY! Perfect entry-level coating for beginners or DIY detailers!
Are you ready to put a ceramic coating on your paint but concerned with application? Then GYEON ONE EVO is the perfect choice for your first coating. Developed for ease of use and simple application, GYEON ONE EVO bridges the gap to provide a simplified coating that anyone can use. GYEON ONE EVO provides an easy wipe on, wipe off application that every DIY detailer will love.

DURABLE & RESISTANT! Provides chemical resistance and 24+ months of protection!
Don’t worry, this simplified application process still provides durable protection. GYEON ONE EVO boasts a 24+ month lifespan with proper care and maintenance. The SiO2 shell created by GYEON ONE EVO provides chemical resistance and self-cleaning abilities throughout the life of the coating. So no, you won’t be skimping out on the benefits of a ceramic by applying a “beginners” coating!

SiO2 GLOSS! Create a candy gloss that shimmers in the sun!
If you’re a fan of the candy gloss you get from traditional paint protection, you won’t be missing it by switching over to GYEON ONE EVO. This SiO2 based ceramic coating goes on thick and provides a candy-like gloss that drops jaws. GYEON ONE EVO provides you with an easy switch without sacrificing gloss, hydrophobics, or protection. In fact, you’re technically enhancing each of those attributes with the advanced chemistry of this sophisticated ceramic coating!

How to Apply GYEON ONE EVO ceramic coating:

  • Degrease the paint thoroughly using a dedicated wash, removing any lose contamination from the surface.
  • If needed, perform any decontamination or paint correction.
  • Using a panel or paint prep such as GYEON Q2 Prep, wipe the paint clean to remove any polishing oils or leftover protection.
  • Apply a generous amount of GYEON ONE EVO onto the provided applicator
  • Apply using a quick arm speed to a shoulder width area in a single cross hatch pattern. Do not over work the product.
  • Spread an even, thick layer. Keep in mind, over applying is better than under applying for long-term durability.
  • Use a tight weave towel to level the product on the surface and buff any remaining residue off with a deeper nap towel.

Please note: Do not wait for the traditional flash or rainbow effect. Wipe off immediately after application.

PRO TIP: The choice of towels for coating is extremely important. Do not stick to just one type – depending on paint and application climate.

30 ml. bottle with applicator

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