GYEON Q2 Pure EVO - 30 ml.

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Experience PURE bliss

GYEON Q2 PURE EVO stays true to its name by delivering pure results. GYEON Q2 PURE EVO redefines what you expect from a ceramic coating by utilizing the maximum percentage of silica possible. This powerful concentration provides a thick coating that is still easy to wipe off. GYEON Q2 PURE EVO can be leveled in about 1-3 minutes, however, can stay on the surface up to 10 given the right application environment. The additional benefit of this level of concentration is long-term durability. GYEON Q2 PURE EVO provides 36+ months of candy gloss, hydrophobics, and chemical resistance from a single layer application.

STRONG! Concentrated formulation contains the highest percentage of silica possible!
GYEON Q2 PURE EVO was made to provide you with truly durable options for protection. GYEON Q2 PURE EVO contains the highest concentration of SiO2 possible. This heavy concentration amplifies every attribute of the coating and provides PURE results!

THICK! Allows for preferred method of application. No crosshatch pattern required!
Durable doesn't need to be difficult. GYEON Q2 PURE EVO is a thick coating that doesn't need the traditional crosshatch pattern for application. Simply spread the coating out evenly and allow time for it to set. Regardless of the application style you prefer, the formulation of GYEON Q2 PURE EVO allows for easy removal and stunning results. Period.

GLOSS! Candy gloss, hyperactive hydrophobics, robust chemical resistance. Can you ask for more?
Do you want more out of your paint protection? GYEON Q2 PURE EVO will provide it! This highly concentrated coating is packed with SiO2 to give you more of all the things you love about paint protection. Get a dripping wet, candy gloss shine with hyperactive water activity and intense chemical resistance with just a single layer of GYEON Q2 PURE EVO!

How to use GYEON Q2 PURE EVO:

  • Degrease the paint thoroughly using a dedicated wash, removing any lose contamination from the surface.
  • If needed, perform any decontamination or paint correction.
  • Using a panel or paint prep such as GYEON Q2 Prep, wipe the paint clean to remove any polishing oils or leftover protection.
  • Apply a generous amount of GYEON Q2 PURE EVO to the provided applicator.
  • Apply a thick layer of Q2 PURE EVO. Apply in your preferred motion. Leveling is crucial, not the application patten. We recommend applying full panels. Split panels only while applying at a higher temperature or humidity level.
  • Wipe off anywhere from 1-3 minutes after applying on the whole panel/section. Wipe off carefully, do not leave any streaks or smudges. Be aware of your application environments as high humidity levels can cause the product to flash quicker.
  • Q2 PURE EVO requires only a single layer.

30 ml. bottle with applicator.

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