GYEON Q2 Matte EVO - 50 ml

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Modified for Matte paint!

GYEON Q2 Matte EVO is designed specifically for the unique needs of matte finishes and is formulated to spread across the surface without harming the fine texture of matte paint. GYEON Q2 Matte EVO does this without filling the microscopic pockets in the surface. GYEON Q2 Matte EVO is a single layer coating that works perfectly for PPF, vinyl, matte, or statin paint. GYEON Q2 Matte EVO brings all the elements of a ceramic coating such as gloss, UV protection, and hydrophobics, just without the gloss.

GLOSS FREE! Will not alter the appearance of your matte finish!
Apart from its simple application, the major benefit is its neutral finish. The highly advanced, silicon dioxide (SiO2) based formulation only enriches the paint to leave a flawlessly flat finish. Since this is still an SiO2 based coating, it still provides the major benefits of a coating, just without the gloss!

ONLY FOR MATTE! Designed only for matte finished paint and films!
GYEON Q2 Matte EVO is one of the few coatings designed for the special needs of matte finishes. To create a flat finish free of gloss, the surface must be textured. Other standard coatings would fill these slight divots in the paint and take away that matte look.

50 ml. bottle with applicator

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