GTechniq EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating V5

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The 5th iteration of Gtechniq EXO capitalizes on the advanced chemistry of previous formulations to put EXO v5 on the bleeding edge of ceramic technology. This ultra-hydrophobic coating now features single layer application along with 18 – 24 months of durability.

Key Features of EXO V5:

  • Single layer application

  • 18 – 24 months of durability.

  • Easy to apply formulation.  

  • Provides ample gloss, water and dirt repellency.

Gtechniq EXO V5 Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating offers incredible surface functionality and protection on almost any surface imaginable! Gtechniq EXO V5 Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating can be applied to paint, gel coat, glass, metal, stone, fabric and more! Instead of using sacrificial polymers or carnauba wax that washes away, EXO combines a hybrid of inorganic and organic components that provide superior long-lasting protection.

Gtechniq EXO V5 Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating becomes the new functional surface of the surface it is applied to. EXO does battle with the elements while the substrate (paint or other surface) remains safely sealed. The hybrid of the quartz inorganic base and the slick, high-gloss organic top coat produces a coating that forms a covalent bond. The application of EX5 provides improved scratch resistance, extreme water beading, dirt repellency, sun-fade resistance, and a dramatically improved ability to block contaminates from sticking. EXO is chemical resistant to most acids and alkalies as well.

GTechniq EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating on a Ferrari 458 Spider

The inorganic quartz base forms a permanent covalent bond to the substrate, ensuring long-lasting protection. The organic top coat provides an extremely reflective and high-gloss finish that features extreme water and dirt beading. Water will bead at an incredible 110 degree angle. It will appear like tiny marbles on the paint's surface. At anything more than a 17 degree slope, the water will run from the surface completely. Accelerated weather testing found that 100% of this hydrophobic action was present after 500 hours. In fact running the windshield wipers over the surface more than 400,000 times in an effort to abrade EXO away found that over 80 percent of the performance was still present! Even rain water will have a self-cleaning affect!

Gtechniq EXO V5 Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating improves the scratch resistance of the surface it has been applied to. Swirl marks and towel marring will be greatly reduced, or with proper wash techniques, near eliminated. EXO works on almost all interior and exterior surfaces of your vehicle including gloss and matte paint finishes, wheels, glass, carpets, engine components, metals, trim, and soft tops. It is also perfect for marine applications, aviation, RV, and household use. Application of Gtechniq EXO V5 Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating is easy but requires proper prep work on painted surfaces. All swirl marks and paint defects should be polished away and the paint must be perfectly clean. Wipe the paint with a paint degreaser, such as diluted isopropyl alcohol or the recommended Gtechniq Panel Wipe. Fold the supplied micro-suede cloth into a small square and apply a small amount of EXO. Wipe lightly onto the panel in overlapping strokes. Immediately wipe residue off of the surface with a second towel. Allow to cure for 3 hours before introducing water.

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