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GTechniq Panel Wipe Coating Prep 250 ml.

250 ml.
Item#: GT-PW-250   
500 ml.
Item#: GT-PW-500   

Item Description:

Guarantee maximum results from Gtechniq EXO and C1 Crystal Lacquer!

Creates an ideal surface for paint coatings

Removes oils, silicones, and waxes from paint

Easy-to-use, slow evaporation formula

Panel Wipe was used on this Ferrari 458 Spider.

Gtechniq Panel Coating Prep has been engineered to perfectly clean your paint while leaving behind no residues. This is because Gtechniq is all about Smart Surface Science! Their range of paint coatings, C1 Crystal Lacquer and EXO Durable Hybrid Coating, require a perfectly clean surface to bond to. The process of removing all chemicals, waxes, sealants, silicone, and oils from the paint surface is called stripping. However some cleaners can leave behind residues or redeposit chemicals back onto the paint. Panel Wipe removes all polish residues ensuring that Gtechniq's coatings will bond directly to your vehicle's surfaces.

Use Gtechniq Panel Coating Prep before applying any paint coating for maximum bonding and results. You can also use Panel Wipe to remove polishing residues in between the various stages of paint polishing to inspect for accurate results. Spray Gtechniq Panel Coating Prep on the paint and spread with a soft microfiber towel. Flip the towel over and buff dry. The extended evaporation of Panel Wipe is ideal for working on larger panels and avoids products from re-depositing on the surface.

250 ml.

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GTechniq Panel Wipe Coating Prep 250 ml.