Wolfganag PROFI Ceramic Coating - 50 ml.

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  • Wolfganag PROFI Ceramic Coating - 50 ml.
  • Wolfganag PROFI Ceramic Coating - 50 ml.
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The German Standard for Professional

Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating packs unmatched surface protection and hydrophobic activity in each bottle of its professional grade ceramic. This is thanks to the German-American engineering that goes into every Wolfgang product. Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating delivers a hardness rating 9H along with simple and straight forward application. Most importantly, this durable protectant provides a glass like gloss that produces dynamic water activity.

STRENTH & DURABILITY! Engineered for ultimate protection.
We great minds combine; the results speak for themselves. Each bottle of Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating is the conclusion of countless hours from dedicated chemist. The result is an impeccable 9H level coating that shields from environmental hazards such as water spots, acid rain, bugs, and even helps reduce the risk of wash induced swirl marks.

EASY INSTALL! Simple application process produces impeccable results.
Ultra-hard coatings normally entail a more technical or time-consuming application. Well, most. Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating is the exception. Once applied, Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating flashes a rainbow-like appearance to indicate its ready to be buffed away.

DYNAMIC HYDROPHOBICS! High water contact angle easily evacuates water.
The gloss and dynamic hydrophobic activity is in a class of its own. Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating produces a slick glass-like gloss that will steal your heart. To top that, the increased surface tension evacuates water without hesitation.


  • Do not apply in direct sunlight.
  • Wash, dry and correct paint if applicable.
  • Prepare the surface for coating with Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep to remove all traces of polishing oils.
  • Apply several drops of Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating onto a foam coating applicator.
  • Wipe onto the surface to be coating, working in a 2 x2 square foot area.
  • Allow product to flash (rainbow appearance) before buffing excess product away.
  • Continue around vehicle until all surfaces are coated.
  • Allow coating to cure for approximately 12-24 hours before exposing paint to moisture.

50 ml.

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