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The legend – reborn!

GYEON's flagship coating just got even better! Meet GYEON MOHS EVO, a breakthrough in ceramic coating technology. GYEON MOHS EVO utilized a fluorine base to modify polysilazane base chemistry and create an incredibly durable single layer coating. This give GYEON MOHS EVO an industry leading edge in performance and durability. Just a single layer of GYEON MOHS EVO provides up to 36 months or more of protection! The smooth, slick layer of ceramic protection delivers intense water beading and sheeting to help ensure nothing sticks but the shine. GYEON MOHS EVO lays down a chemical resistant layer of protection that's easy to apply and difficult to damage. It checks every box you could ask for in a ceramic coating.

ADVANCED FORMULA! Unique chemical formulation redefines ceramic technology!
This isn't another SiO2 cocktail. GYEON MOHS EVO uses a special technique with fluorine to modify the polysilazane base and maximize every attribute of the coating. This uncommon approach provides a single layer coating that delivers results some products struggle to achieve in two or three layers.

IMPECCABLE PERFORMANCE! Intense water beading and water repellency!
You've probably never heard of the ingredients used to make GYEON MOHS EVO, and you've probably never seen results like it either! GYEON MOHS EVO delivers a high level of gloss with impeccable water activity. This single layer coating increases surface tension which creates intense water repellency and hydrophobics!

IMPRESSIVE DURABILITY! Substantial durability for a single layer coating!
GYEON MOHS EVO provides more durability out of single layer than its previous formulation could accomplish in two, without sacrificing that legendary gloss that made it famous. With one layer of GYEON MOHS EVO you can achieve 36 months or more of protection and performance. This, combined with the ease of application makes this one of the best choices for ceramic protection. Period.

How To Apply MOHS EVO:

  • Wash the vehicle using Q2M Foam and a strong degreasing agent.
  • Decontaminate the paintwork using a dedicated iron remover and follow with a clay bar if required.
  • We recommend at least one step of paint correction to improve gloss and remove defects.
  • Always wash the car with a degreasing agent after the paint correction. GYEON Q2 Prep, or another paint prep spray are required before application.
  • Ensure the surface is oil-free and completely dry. Use of Q2 Prep is obligatory.
  • Shake the Q2 MOHS EVO bottle before use.
  • Use a generous amount of product on the coating applicator. Ensure the surface is cool and completely dust free.
  • Apply a thick layer of Q2 MOHS EVO. Apply in your preferred motion. Leveling is crucial, not the application patten. We recommend applying full panels at a time. Split panels only while applying at a higher temperature or humidity level.
  • Wipe off immediately (10 – 30 seconds) after applying on the whole panel/section. Wipe off carefully, do not leave any streaks or smudges.
  • Q2 MOHS EVO requires only a single layer. You may apply a second layer for improved durability after at least 1 hour. Appy a maximum of 2 layers of Q2 MOHS EVO.

PRO TIP: Due to the sophisticated chemistry the application is silky smooth. The removal process is just as simple. Apply one thick layer and wipe off immediately. Buy Q2 MOHS in the 50ml. bottle and use the remaining on your wheels for serious protection.

30 ml. bottle with applicator

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