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Detailing Clay

Detailing Clay

Detail clay is the paint care secret of the Pros! That's because detailing clay can quickly and easily remove most forms of paint contamination with very little effort. Use a clay bar to rub away insects, tar, stubborn road grime, exhaust soot, oxidation, surface rust, paint overspray, factory fallout and more, like magic! Detail clay can even take care of brake dust contamination. You can use detailing clay to remove this metallic surface contaminant quickly, safely, and effectively!

How do you know if detail clay is what you need? After a good wash, feel the paint's surface. Rough spots and bumps mean contaminants so make sure to use a detailing clay to improve the health and the look of your car's paint! Choose one of our detailing clay bars to clean and smooth your car's paint in a fraction of the time it takes to polish! For more information on how to use detail clay, check out our car care library.

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Sonus SFX Ultra-Fine Detailing Clay
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