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Clay bars quickly remove overspray and paint contamination leaving the cleaned surface "smooth as glass". To work properly, all clays require a lubricant. Pinnacle Clay Lubricant is designed especially to provide a slick surface for both natural and synthetic clay bars, without the degrading effects caused by some chemicals.

Detailing clay is a revolutionary way to clean automotive paint deep down without scratching when used with the proper lubricant. Soapy water will work in a pinch, but the detergents found in many shampoos will shorten the lifespan of the clay. To get the full benefits of Pinnacle PolyClay, use Pinnacle Clay Lubricant.

The function of clay lubricant is to provide a slippery barrier between the clay bar and the paint surface. When rail dust or industrial fallout is pulled out of the paint, it glides along on the lubricant without scratching the paint. Even clear coat finishes are safe from scratches under Pinnacle Clay Lubricant.

The high lubricity formula is a blend of oils and wetting agents that are literally wetter than water. The lubricant will not alter the paint surface in any way. Once you've clayed, wipe away the lubricant. The paint surface will be impeccably clean and silky smooth, the perfect foundation for a coat of Souverän™.

Pinnacle Clay Lubricant is also available in the Pinnacle Complete Detailing, Wax & Cleaning Kit, the Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay Special, and the Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay PLUS Special. Save money while stocking up on the products you love!

1. Use clay on a clean vehicle. It does not necessarily have to be dry. 2. Mist a small area, about 2 sq. ft., with Pinnacle Clay Lubricant. 3. Rub the clay bar across the wet surface in a back and forth motion. There is no need to apply pressure. The clay will grab at first. This indicates that the clay is pulling
contaminants out of the paint. 4. When the clay glides smoothly, the paint is clean. Wipe away the remaining lubricant with a clean, soft microfiber towel. 5. If clay residue remains, mist the area again with Clay Lubricant and wipe away the residue. 6. Reshape the clay as needed to reveal a clean portion. If you drop the bar on the ground, discard it. Using heavily soiled clay is dangerous to your paint.

7. Once you've clayed your entire vehicle, apply a coat of Souverän™ or Signature Series II to protect the freshly cleaned paint. Clay will remove all existing wax. 8. To store your clay, mist it with lubricant and seal it in an airtight plastic bag or container.
When using the Pinnacle Polishin' Pal with Ultra Poly Clay, mist the Clay Disc with Pinnacle Clay Lubricant. Flatten the clay onto the disc. Mist the surface to be clayed with lubricant and continue as directed.
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