Poorboys World Clay Bar

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Poorboy's World Clay Bar removes embedded contamination like brake dust, rail dust, industrial fallout, tree sap, and tar. Your vehicle's paint will feel silky smooth and completely clean.

When wax is applied to a vehicle prepared with Poorboy's World Clay Bar, the paint looks shinier and feels smoother. Wax bonds best to clean paint and creates a more uniform shine. You can't achieve paint this smooth without using detailing clay!

Poorboy's World Clay Bar is a medium grade clay designed for twice yearly usage. Always use a clay lubricant like Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe. The lubricants will protect the paint from scratching as gritty particles are removed from the paint.

Always follow detailing clay with a wax or sealant to block out contamination. Use Poorboy's World EX-P Sealant or Poorboy's World Natty's Paste Wax for optimum shine.

3.5oz (52g)
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