Poorboys World Clay and Lube Combo

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The Poorboy's World Clay & Lube Combo is only available for a limited time and includes Poorboy's World Clay Bar, a bottle of Poorboy's World Clay Lubricant, and 3 microfiber towels! The Poorboy's World Clay & Lube Combo includes all the essentials for effectively claying your vehicle. Featuring the slick lubrication of Poorboy's World Clay Lube along with a two-pack of clay bars and a few towels to get you started, this combo will have your paint smooth and ready for polishing. The Poorboy's World Clay & Lube Combo provides everything you need to decontaminate your paint without breaking the bank! The Poorboy's World Clay & Lube Combo Includes:
16 oz. Poorboy's World Clay Lubricant
Poorboy's World Clay Lube is the perfect choice for lubrication when claying your vehicle. This super-slick formula provides plenty of lubrication when used with a standard clay bar or with a clay bar alternative. Poorboy's World Clay Lube allows the clay media to glide across the surface of your vehicle without adding any additional scratches or causing marring. After you clay your vehicle with the help of Poorboy's World Clay Lube, your paint will be smooth, contaminant-free, and ready for polishing or waxing! Poorboy's World Clay Bar
Poorboy's World Clay Bar removes embedded contamination like brake dust, rail dust, industrial fallout, tree sap, and tar. Your vehicle's paint will feel silky smooth and completely clean. When wax is applied to a vehicle prepared with Poorboy's World Clay Bar, the paint looks shinier and feels smoother. Wax bonds best to clean paint and creates a more uniform shine. You can't achieve paint this smooth without using detailing clay! Poorboy's World Clay Bar is a medium grade clay designed for twice yearly usage. 3 Microfiber Towels, 16 x 16 inches
These versatile microfiber towels are great for any variety of detailing tasks, from general washing and scrubbing off road contaminants, to applying and buffing off wax and all-in-one protectants. Detailing cloths boast an 80/20 polyester/polyamide blend in a special feather weave that increases their absorption properties, guaranteeing high performance and durability. Get your paint ready for polish with the Poorboy's World Clay & Lube Combo! Kit includes:
16 oz. Poorboy's World Clay Lubricant
Poorboy's World Clay Bar
3 Microfiber Towels, 16 x 16 inches
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