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Poorboy's World Clay Lube is the perfect choice for lubrication when claying your vehicle. This super-slick formula provides plenty of lubrication when used with a standard clay bar or with a clay bar alternative. Poorboy's World Clay Lube allows the clay media to glide across the surface of your vehicle without adding any additional scratches or causing marring. After you clay your vehicle with the help of Poorboy's World Clay Lube, your paint will be smooth, contaminant-free, and ready for polishing or waxing! Soapy water may seem like a quick fix for lubricating the surface being clayed, but those alkaline soaps won't provide enough lubrication and will affect the clay (or clay alternative) over time making it less pliable. Poorboy's World Clay Lube was developed to be compatible with any clay bar or clay bar alternative. It provides the proper amount of lubrication making the claying process safer for delicate paint, while maintaining the pliability of the clay itself. Claying is the first step to perfectly smooth, show-car paint, so it's important to take extra care during the process. Poorboy's World Clay Lube provides plenty of lubrication and is designed to be stain-free, even when used in direct sunlight. Since it's so easy to wipe off and won't leave any greasy residue behind, there's no need to wash the vehicle after claying—simply move on to the next step! 16 oz.
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