Four Star Ultimate Clay Lubricant

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Four Star Ultimate Clay Lubricant

Safe for all paints and clear coats

Provides excellent clay lubrication

Leaves an extremely slick finish

Even the most thorough car wash will not remove bonded contaminants from your car's paint. To quickly clean your car's paint restore a silky-smooth finish, use detailing clay after you wash. This quick and easy detailing step is essential to maintain healthy, good-looking paint.

The secret to detailing clay is proper lubrication. Four Star Ultimate Clay Lubricant offers plenty of "slip," to avoid sticking and smudging, but does not leave a soapy residue. Plus, Four Star Ultimate Clay Lubricant conditions your detailing clay for longer use without turning mushy.

Four Star Ultimate Clay Lubricant is a high-lubricity formula makes claying 100% safe. It helps to loosen and carry away bonded contamination, without scratching even the most delicate clear coat finish. With Ultimate Clay Lubricant, when the paint is clean, the clay literally glides across the paint finish with no effort. Simply wipe away Ultimate Clay Lubricant with a clean towel, and you're presented to a gorgeous finish that's ready to wax.

18 oz. spray bottle

Made in the USA

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