Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection

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Ultimate Paint Protection is a premium synthetic paint sealant that offers that sought after, wet-looking, high-gloss shine! The look of the very best Carnauba wax with months of durability. Now Boosted by Polycharger™!

Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection offers months of protection and a deep, dark, wet-looking, high-gloss shine that's unmatched by other synthetic polymer sealants. Four Star makes paint care products for OEMs, but saves their latest technology for their house brand. Years of research and testing stand behind each bottle, truly making it worthy of the label "Ultimate Paint Protection!"

Pure carnauba paste wax has been a favorite among car enthusiasts for years but the durability fades fast. Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection's lasts! The superior protection formula repels pollution, road salts, hard water deposits, and paint overspray. It protects for months, not weeks, and produces a stunning finish on all colors. It produces a carnauba show car wax look with longevity, durability, protection and slickness carnauba waxes can only dream about.

Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection is like body amour for your car's paint. Plus, it applies much faster and easier than carnauba waxes.

This is the same professional grade sealant new car dealers sell for $300 to $600 or more! It is no exaggeration to say that Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection is an exceptional value that will help maintain the value of your car!

16 oz. bottle

Made in the USA!


  • Shake Ultimate Paint Protection well before use. 
  • Make sure painted surface is cool, dry, and clean.
  • Apply 2 dime size drops on a clean foam applicator and gently rub thoroughly onto the surface.  
  • Product must be spread very thin and allowed 15 minutes or more to dry, enabling proper bonding to occur. 
  • Using a high quality microfiber towel, buff until all residue is gone. 
  • Additional layers can be applied after 24 hours.
  • Works great with random orbital or a dual action polisher.  

Note: Contains refined mineral spirits. Protect from extreme heat and freezing.

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