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Say goodbye to your traditional clay bar with the Speed Master Clay Towel! Manufactured using a special rubberized coating designed to gently remove bonded contaminants from your paint, the Speed Master Clay Towel is just like a clay but – except it can be washed and re-used hundreds of times! Speed Master Clay Towel is equivalent to a fine grade clay bar and will remove insect remains, dirt, tar, sap, grime, industrial fallout, and other environmental contaminants from your painted, glass, and metal surfaces. Speed Master Clay Towel features:Versatile Design – A traditional clay bar can only be use a couple way – with a clay lubricant and either in hand, or molded onto a clay pad. The Speed Master Clay Towel, however, can be used dozens of different ways! With a clay lubricant prior to washing, with a car wash during washing, folded in half, folded in fourths – imagine the possibilities! Speed Master Clay Towel is also easily applied in the smaller, less accessible areas like trunk lines and around decals. Speed Master Clay Towel leaves no area un-clayed! • Long-Lasting – Because the Speed Master Clay Towel is made using a rubberized coating, it will not degrade as quickly as your traditional clay bar will. In fact, if you accidentally drop your Speed Master Clay Towel, you don't have to throw it away! Simply rinse it and keep claying! What clay bar gives you that luxury? Directions for use:
• Use only on a cool surface out of direct sunlight.
• Use the Speed Master Clay Towel during your regular car wash after first removing all loose dirt and debris with a wash mitt.
• Use the suds generated from your car wash to adequately lubricate the surface – if needed, you can spray the surface with clay lubricant in addition to the car wash foam for more lubrication.
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