Speed Master Clay Mitt

Item Description:

Now you can wear your clay bar!

Removes surface contamination from paint, glass, and metal

Will not mar or scratch surface

Durable and long-lasting

The Speed Master Clay Mitt is the answer to a common detailing issue – dropping the clay bar. When that happens you have to toss it and start all over again – but not with the Speed Master Clay Mitt! Designed on a wash mitt, the Speed Master Clay Mitt is a synthetic clay bar alternative that provides all of the benefits of using a clay bar, with none of the drawbacks! Remove insect remains, dirt, tar, sap, bird droppings, industrial fallout, and more with the Speed Master Clay Mitt!

Speed Master Clay Mitt features:

• Convenience – 10 years ago, if you wanted to clay your vehicle, you needed a clay bar (generally to harsh for painted surfaces) and about a gallon of clay lubricant – plus a certain amount of skill to not overdo it (don’t want to cause marring!). Thankfully with the evolution of detailing products, claying your car has become easier than ever! Simply slip the Speed Master Clay Mitt on and clay during your regular car wash!

• Long-Lasting – Because the Speed Master Clay Mitt is made using a rubberized coating, it will not degrade as quickly as your traditional clay bar will. In fact, if you accidentally drop your Speed Master Clay Mitt, you don’t have to throw it away! Simply rinse it and keep claying! What clay bar gives you that luxury?

Direction for use:
• Use only on a cool surface out of direct sunlight.
• Use the Speed Master Clay Mitt during your regular car wash after first removing all loose dirt and debris with a wash mitt.
• Use the suds generated from your car wash to adequately lubricate the surface – if needed, you can spray the surface with clay lubricant in addition to the car wash foam for more lubrication.

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