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  • Speed Master Wheel Mitt
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Bring that dexterity down low with this wheel mitt!

Meet the Speed Master Wheel Mitt. A mitt dedicated to the down low detailing that happens in the dirtiest area of your ride. The Wheels. From the close contact with the ground, your wheels take on an onslaught of contamination kicked up from the highways. This, combined with brake dust makes wheel cleaning a difficult task. At least before the Speed Master Wheel Mitt. The Speed Master Wheel Mitt allows you to bring the same dexterity of your hand that guides a wash mitt across your painted surfaces, right down to your wheels. No more aggressive brushes or giant cleaning sticks. Just slide the Speed Master Wheel Mitt over your hand and let it do the work for you!

The deep, plush nap to the Speed Master Wheel Mitt allows dirt, road grime, and brake dust to be pulled deep into the fibers of the mitt. This provides you with the safest washing experience for your wheels. Brake dust can act as an abrasive when scrubbed with a low-quality brush. For extra soft wheel finishes that's just unacceptable. The Speed Master Wheel Mitt eliminates that risk by collecting contamination and storing it deep inside the mist. Even better yet, since the Speed Master Wheel Mitt can perform just like a normal wash mitt, you'll leave no area unclean!

The combination of the Speed Master Wheel Mitt with a high-quality wheel cleaning is perfect recipe for spotless wheels!

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